For West Los Angeles County Homeless People

If homeless, or you care about someone who is, you’ll discover that help comes from various sources including government agencies, private charities and individuals. But assistance must be accessible. Ideally, using the free resources listed below, you’ll receive needed help after a phone call or click of a mouse. To assist you in that process, we’ve included the following Internet links. Simply click on a category to receive further information.  

You’ll also want to read our article titled “Homelessness 101.” It contains a bevy of valuable information, especially for those new to homelessness.

Addiction and Substance Abuse

Clothing and Showers

Disability Services

Employment Assistance

Food Pantries

Free Meals

Homeless Shelters

Homelessness Prevention

LAHSA List of Homeless Service Providers

Legal Assistance

Local Motels

Los Angeles County Homeless Services

Medical, Dental and Vision Care

Medi-Cal and Medicare Benefits

Mental Health Care

Section 8 (Low-cost) and Transitional Housing

Services for Homeless U.S. Military Veterans

Social Services

SSI, SSDI and other Social Security Benefits

Survivors of Rape and Domestic Violence

For further assistance, please e-mail

West Side Homeless Outreach provides resources solely at our discretion and assumes no responsibility for services we suggest. By using our resources directory, patrons waive West Side Homeless Outreach of all liability for their treatment and experiences at the facilities suggested.

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West Side Homeless Outreach’s M.O.M.S. Program™ helps meet the needs of homeless mothers and their minor children. The program, which is highly successful, picks up where most other efforts leave off.
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Local parks are home for many service-resistant homeless people. Our job is to extend a hand up to these men and women.