Quick Quiz—September
Can You Pass This Month’s Test on Homelessness?

Like many on L.A.’s West Side, you’ve considered helping the homeless. “I’ll volunteer,” you promise yourself. But when it’s time for action, you can’t decide what you’ll do—and won’t do—for the unsheltered.

You’re not alone. Before assisting unhoused individuals, whatever their needs, ask yourself, “What’s the most important service I can provide? And what will the results be?”

After serving thousands of west L.A. County homeless people, our agency understands what the locally unsheltered need most. Numerous activities help them, but some efforts results in setbacks.

So let’s explore five questions about what local homeless people need—and what they don’t. Think you’re an expert? Let’s see.


1. Besides permanent housing, what do local homeless people need most?
A. Shoes, socks, shirts and hats.
B. Blankets, food (mainly fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains), underwear and transportation.
C. Food (most notably hot, cooked, balanced meals), socks, blankets and underwear.
D. Shoes, underwear, food (especially canned green beans) and socks.

2. Generally, what don’t west Los Angeles County homeless people need?
A. Business suits, patent leather shoes, neckties and suit vests.
B. Dress shoes and high-heeled shoes.
C. Children’s shoes and kids’ school supplies.
D. All of the above.

3. While cleaning out your garage, you decide to donate items to West Side Homeless Outreach. Which items should you not include?
A. Shoes lacking shoelaces.
B. Pants containing kneeholes.
C. Clothes hangers.
D. All of the above.

4. You recently hosted a large foodfest and want to donate leftovers to West Side Homeless Outreach. Which food items do we desire?
A. Nonperishable food only.
B. Easy-to-eat nonperishable food, beverages, perishable food and drinks refrigerated until two hours before we receive them.
C. Fresh fruits and vegetables only.
D. Most food and beverages leftover from the event if they’ve been kept covered with plastic wrap or foil out of direct sunlight.

5. Which of the following statements is true about individuals West Side Homeless Outreach serves?
A. They need more shoes than socks.
B. Homeless people need more lightweight clothing than heavyweight clothing.
C. There’s a need for as many children’s clothes as adult attire.
D. All items we receive must be practical for unsheltered people living on west L.A. County streets.

For the ANSWERSplease click here.

West L.A. County homeless people need your assistance more than ever. You can help us help them. West Side Homeless Outreach is an IRS-approved 501(c)(3) charity, so your donations are completely tax deductible. Individuals, families, companies and other groups are among our biggest backers. To become one of our valued supporters, click on donate. Thank you for your generous support.
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If unsure whether the homeless can use a particular item you plan to donate, what should you do?

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