Quick Quiz—August
Can You Pass This Month’s Test on Homelessness?

You’ve heard of the summertime blues? That despite the balmy beauty of summer, life doesn’t proceed perfectly?

Summertime blues are counterintuitive, but local homeless people experience them, often powerfully. In fact, some West Side Homeless Outreach clients say summer is the worst of seasons. And these men and women eagerly tell us why.

So this month’s quiz focuses on homeless people’s experiences June–September. Given the added heat, influx of tourists and increased activity on the West Side during summer, what’s it like living on west L.A. County streets during the year’s dog days?

Ideally, the following five questions will enhance your understanding. As with all Quick Quiz responses, please select the best answer to each question.


1. When searching for food during summer, most local homeless people:
A. Begin early in the day.
B. Take advantage of abundant leftovers placed in public trashcans.
C. Recall that heat and sunlight exacerbate food spoilage.
D. All of these.

2. Many west L.A. County homeless people cool down in summer by:
A. Spending time in supermarkets, malls, cafes and other air-conditioned facilities.
B. Shedding their clothes whenever possible and remaining nude during hot days.
C. Taking frequent swims in the Pacific Ocean, especially when waves are ideal for swimming and body surfing.
D. Drinking lots of organic, vitamin-rich low-calorie beverages.

3. Most West Side homeless men and women wear layers of clothing during the hottest days of summer.
A. True
B. False
C. Insufficient data exists to answer to this question.

4. Many local homeless individuals:
A. Aren’t concerned about the heat of summer.
B. Are adversely affected by the heat of summer.
C. Migrate toward the ocean during the heat of summer.
D. Two of these.

5. Regarding summer tourists in Southern California, most local homeless people:
A. Despise them.
B. Avoid them so they (the homeless) can maintain some sense of privacy.
C. Prey on them for “spare change” and other handouts.
D. All of these. 

For the ANSWERSplease click here.

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