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Can You Pass This
Month’s Quiz on Homelessness?
When the topic of homelessness arises, truth and error abound. What are the facts? And the fallacies? Our frequently updated blog shares little-known facts about homelessness everyone should know. Click here for a quick visit.


Our Effective Four-point Plan to Help Homeless People
By Loren Franck

At any given time, there are as many as 75,000 homeless people throughout Los Angeles County. Many of them struggle to survive on the county’s elite West Side, where the environment is less threatening and more comfortable than on urban streets. 

Obtaining four walls and a roof is the most pressing need for most homeless men, women and children. But until that simple goal becomes reality, thousands of society’s outcasts must sleep on sidewalks, in alleys, on public-park lawns . . . (Read more)

12 Changes in American Life That Will Eliminate Homelessness
By Loren Franck

Homelessness has always plagued America. Castigated as “bums,”  “drifters,” “hobos,” “itinerants” and “vagrants,” people who lack permanent dwellings have had it rough in this land of plenty.

Unfortunately, despite our nation’s abundance, destitution and hunger flourish. Statistics vary, but U.S. homelessness ranges from 0.5 million to 3.5 million men, women and children. All ages, races, colors and creeds fall victim. But it need not be so . . . (Read more)

When Becoming Homeless, What You Do During Your First Two Days Can Determine Your Destiny
Copyright ©2014 by Loren Franck
All Rights Reserved

Ever watch TV’s 48 Hours? The docudrama focuses on crime, especially murders. Perpetrators are mostly likely to be caught within that timeframe. The longer a case remains unsolved, the less likely an arrest . . . (Read more)

Understanding West Side Homeless Outreach Might Be Easier When Considering What We Don’t Do
By Loren Franck

Many people are curious about West Side Homeless Outreach. They should be. Our clients as well as local community leaders say we’re an extraordinary organization that’s facing a monumental task. 

Our goal is simple—to help the homeless one life at a time. Our methods are efficient and straightforward. As our efforts become more refined, though, inquiries arise regarding what we do, the people we assist, and the individuals we leave for others to engage.

“Are you a shelter? What’s your program? Where’s your facility?” . . . (Read more)

There’s Nothing Like the First Time
By Que Jacobs

I commend West Side Homeless Outreach for its compassion and efforts in aiding the homeless. To go consistently onto the streets of L.A. to help these people by giving them things they need is such an honorable act of kindness.

I read on your Web site what you do, so I was more than anxious to volunteer. I’ve gone to shelters and served food to the homeless during the holidays but have never gone out on the streets to assist them. That’s what really sets West Side Homeless Outreach apart! . . . (Read more)

What It’s Really Like to Be Homeless in West Los Angeles County
By Lindsay

Unfortunately, the amount of myth equals the degree of reality regarding perceptions of homelessness. Unless you’ve lived on the cold concrete, as thousands of others and I have, it’s hard to see homelessness as it really is. It devastates people’s lives.

I’m writing this article to help you gain that understanding . . . (Read more)

Seven Common Questions, Seven Sensible Answers
By Loren Franck

Why are people homeless? Why are so many people homeless on L.A.’s West Side? And what are the best ways to help the homeless? In this brief but forthright article, you’ll discover answers to these and other important questions surrounding homelessness . . . (Read more)

Kicked to the Curb? These 10 Steps Can Save Your Life
Copyright ©2013 by Loren Franck. All Rights Reserved

In today’s unsound economy, there’s a good chance you’ll become homeless someday. Despite struggling to survive on the strictest budget, making every penny count, you could lose your job, be evicted, or incur overwhelming debts that bury you financially.

Just because you lose your home, though, doesn’t mean you’ll be homeless long term. There is help for the homeless—if you know where to look. And the sooner you receive it after becoming unsheltered, the better off you’ll be . . . (Read more)

Helping the Homeless Has Tremendous Rewards
By Loren Franck

People of many ages, backgrounds and ethnicities become homeless. Surprised? Don’t be.

After losing their jobs, where they might have worked for decades, many hardworking men and women find themselves living on the streets, struggling to survive. Other homeless people are employed but lack sufficient income to pay for housing, which is frequently expensive in Los Angeles County. They’re among the growing numbers of the “working homeless.”

As West Side Homeless Outreach delivers food, clothing, shoes, sleeping bags and other essentials to the unsheltered throughout west L.A. County, we’ve found that most of them would rather not live on the streets. They want—and need—permanent homes. However, like most of L.A. County’s 80,000 homeless people, they have no choice but to remain without permanent housing. . . (Read more)

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The downturned economy has hit homeless people hard. You can help us help them. Money is our greatest need. Your donated dollars buy food, clothing and other vital provisions, which we deliver to unsheltered homeless people who need them most. You can also contribute these items to us. All donations to West Side Homeless Outreach, an IRS-approved 501(c)(3) charity, are tax deductible. Please click on donat
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Homelessness affects people of all ages, ethnicities and social backgrounds. Knowledge of social services is one vital skill homeless people must develop in order to survive on west L.A. County streets. Another is the ability to get along with other homeless people in extremely challenging conditions.
Venice, Calif., is a popular Southern California tourist attraction. But it’s also known as the skid row of the West Side because of its extensive homeless population. The unsheltered sleep on and near the beach and at several locales inland. Consequently, West Side Homeless Outreach focuses much of its efforts throughout Venice.
Relying on community support, West Side Homeless Outreach helps the homeless one life at a time.