Quick Quiz—April
Can You Pass This Month’s Test on Homelessness?


1. It appears the average age of local homeless people is rising slightly. Our outreach teams are encountering increased numbers of homeless people who are over 50. A surprising number of these clients are in their 60s and 70s. As we’ve noted repeatedly throughout the years, several reasons for this rise in age are apparent. For example, people 50 and above frequently lose their jobs for age-related reasons, although the official company line blames poor fit or inadequate job performance. Older people also face an increased risk of homelessness due to health-related setbacks.

2. Many homeless people do like to read. It helps pass the time, which can be a daily challenge when you’re sans TV and living room. Reading is also a wonderful way to stimulate your mind, a fact considered by men and women who struggle to survive on west L.A. County streets. Accordingly, homeless people generally enjoy reading the same material permanently housed people do: fiction, nonfiction, current events, biographies—you name it.

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