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West Side Homeless Outreach execs wrestled with this question when WSHO was founded. Should we extend a Definitive statements about how many homeless people live in Los Angeles County are dangerous. Homeless counts are flawed at best, junk science at worst. Too many homeless people appear permanently housed, while many others, lacking permanent dwellings, remain under the social radar. Nowhere is this more prevalent than in L.A., where the grunge look rules the day.

With that said, our experience suggests that local homelessness has not improved in recent years. In fact, numerous clients we had before 2010, when the economy began its upturn, remain our clients. They still live on the streets. Massaged statistics regarding lowered employment rates, rising home sales and increased government assistance have made little practical difference where homelessness is concerned.

Homelessness is complex. Because millions of unique individuals nationwide are involved, it has multiple causes, intricate solutions and will consequently have a long tenure ahead.

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Randy lost his job and became homeless, proving that bad things can happen to good people.
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