Quick Quiz—September
Can You Pass This Month’s Test on Homelessness?


Send an e-mail and ask if the item is suitable for local homeless people. Many clothing and household items seem useful for the unsheltered, but they’re not; for example, hair dryers, curling irons, flat irons and similar appliances. Electric razors are OK because they’re easily stored, transported and can be used inside most public bathrooms.

Non–pull-top canned food; items that require cooking, refrigeration or freezing; business wear; dress shoes and tattered clothing are all unsuitable for the homeless. When donating items for us to give to West Side homeless people, think about what you would need if living on local streets. Keep in mind that these men and women have no stoves, private bathrooms, kitchens or closets.

West Side Homeless Outreach thanks our growing list of supporters who donate their resources to ease the burden of local homelessness. 

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West Side Homeless Outreach is a major link between chronically unsheltered individuals, such as the one above, and the lifesaving services they need.
Randy lost his job and became homeless, proving that bad things can happen to good people. 
Clothing donations from families and individuals are extremely important to West Side Homeless Outreach. Every year, we receive generous contributions from compassionate supporters.