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Welcome to West Side Homeless Outreach
West Side Homeless Outreach, Inc. is an IRS-approved 501(c)(3) charity. We’re also approved by the California Secretary of State and the California Attorney General.  Our goal is simple—to help homeless people. Optimizing minimal staff and modest resources, we’re relentlessly committed to our goal (see Our 10-Point Commitment). Based in Playa del Rey (Calif.), we extend a hand up to hundreds of unsheltered people struggling to survive on west Los Angeles County streets.


West Side Homeless Outreach is not a homeless shelter or a walk-in facility. Instead, we deliver food, beverages, clothing (including shoes and hats), warm blankets and sleeping bags, personal-hygiene items and other essentials to the unsheltered throughout west Los Angeles County. Depending on available resources, we do this three times weekly. We also operate an online and telephone Resources Directory, which helps homeless men, women and children obtain housing and other long-term social services. Fast, flexible and independent, our outreach is extremely efficient, but we can’t succeed without generous support from people like you.
  • Generous funding
  • Grocery and gas gift cards
  • General gift cards ($25, $50 and $100)
  • Warm men’s clothing
  • Comfortable men’s shoes
  • Outdoor blankets and Sleeping bags

Compassion. Empathy fuels West Side Homeless Outreach. Simply stated, we’re easing the plight of homeless people throughout L.A.’s West Side because we care—and we know you care too.
Painful Reality. Recent reports say up to 80,000 of L.A. County’s 10 million-plus residents lack permanent homes. That’s enough to fill Dodger Stadium one and a half times. Given these shocking statistics, West Side Homeless Outreach is compelled to confront the pains—and the perils—of homelessness.
Pressing Need. Many homeless people have been literally kicked to the curb because they were one too many paychecks from paying their bills. Most of those we assist are grateful, humble and sincere. In fact, some of our clients are surprised we work so hard on their behalf. But whatever their disposition, west Los Angeles County’s unhoused community needs a hand up—and it needs it now.
Personal Touch. West Side Homeless Outreach succeeds largely because of our pleasant one-on-one contact with the men, women and children we serve. Unlike some agencies, we’re nonthreatening when interacting with our clients.

Hands-on Help. Hundreds of west Los Angeles County’s homeless don’t seek help at centers, missions, shelters and other facilities. Mental illness, physical disability, alcohol abuse or drug dependency incapacitate record numbers of the unsheltered, so West Side Homeless Outreach takes much-needed supplies to them. Homeless people greatly appreciate our extra-mile efforts.

The struggling economy has hit homeless people hard. You can help us help them. Funding for our programs is our greatest need. Your donated dollars pay for emergency shelter. They also buy food, clothing and other vital provisions, which we deliver to the unhoused people who need them most. You can also contribute these items to us. All donations to West Side Homeless Outreach are tax deductible. Please click on donate.
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Homeless people who called us for medical care in August.

Toothbrushes provided
​in the past 60 days.

Number of food items WSHO
provided August 1-15.

If you became homeless tomorrow, what would you do? To whom would you turn? "Homelessness 101" provides answers. Written by WSHO president Loren Franck, it’s based on years of experience and hundreds of case studies. Click here to read.

Meet our greatest supporters here.
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All WSHO clients are unsheltered. Our challenge? Get them rehoused.
  • 6' X 8' plastic tarps
  • Fresh leftovers and easy-to-serve food
  • Toothbrushes and toothpaste
  • Bar soap, lotion and shampoo
  • Towels and washcloths
  • Nail clippers and knit caps

WSHO president Loren Franck (green shirt) with happy volunteers.